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Ethical issues among emergency nurses during a disaster event : Research Proposal

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The proposal aims to “explore the ethical issues among emergency nurses during a disaster event”
a systematic review research question, devise a plan to answer it, and develop a protocol for the review and meta-analysis/meta-synthesis. A systematic review protocol is a complete outline of the process of undertaking the review and plan for the analysis of the review data. The proposal should include the following:

● Proposal title: Make this short, descriptive and no more than 10-12 words; the title should explain succinctly what the project is about.

● Abstract: This must be no longer than 250 words; word count will be strictly enforced. It should include a statement of the problem, the aims and methods, and the significance of the proposed study.

● Review question, objectives, PICO (500 words): clearly identify the research problem to be investigated and state the review question and list the objectives of the review. Identify the PICO/PICo. Explain the significance of your study.
On this proposal please following headings;
* the research problem=……..
*the review question= What are the ethical issues raised during a disaster event among emergency nurses?
* the objectives=……..
*PICo = as the following
P= Emergency nurses
I= ethical issues
Co= disaster event
*the significant of the study= ……..

● Background (~1,500 words): Describe the background that relating to the topic of the study (i.e. the rationale or impetus for the study) and how the results might be used. Describe the clinical condition, population, interventions, comparisons, phenomenon and outcomes (as appropriate) with appropriate references. Provide a critical justification for the review.

● Review design: Discuss the specific type of systematic review being undertaken and justify why this particular approach is being undertaken

● Eligibility or Inclusion criteria: Detail the planned inclusion criteria including population or participants, interventions or the phenomenon, comparators, outcomes, timing, setting or context and language as appropriate to your systematic review design.
These should be supported by references used to define and justify these elements, where appropriate. In addition, the types of studies for inclusion should be explained. Specific exclusion criteria should be described and justified.

● Search Strategy: The search strategy should be detailed including the steps, data bases and search terms. The search strategy should represent a plan for a robust and exhaustive search of all the available evidence regarding to the question. A draft of the specific terms to be used for at least one data base, including planned limits such that it could be repeated, should be included.

● Evidence Appraisal: the methods and process related to the selection and appraisal should be described. The plan for documentation of this process should be explained. Planned tools used should be critiqued, appended and referenced.

● Analysis: Describe, using methodology-specific references, how you intend to extract and analyse the data collected. Additionally, if you propose to use software, clearly identify which software will be used and why.

● Rigour: Describe and justify the processes that will utilise to improve rigour and reduce bias in your review. Provide references to support your processes and justification.

● Ethical considerations: Discuss how you will apply ethical principles in your review.

● Dissemination of findings: Outline how you propose to share your findings with others. (such as published in disaster journal or ethics journal. Addition, present finding to whom care such as emergency nurses.

● Timeline: Provide a Gantt chart detailing the steps in this review and time frame related to this undertaking. Provide a reference list using APA 6th edition format, for all literature cited in the assignment.

You can take some information from the following paragraph that can help in some parts of the proposal;
The inclusion criteria should include all articles focusing on the nursing perspectives particularly for the terms used in PICo. For instance, any nurses have experience in a disaster event either clinically practice or administrative practice. The articles must be written in English language as a primary source either qualitative or quantitative research that focuse on the human species. The author is very interested to find updated studies, however, the date will not be limited in order to get multiple and broad aspects that associated with the ethical issues raised in disaster. As well as no geographic limit will be used during the search process in order to include the worldwide perspective of the ethical issues during the disaster event. Also, the age, gender and experience of the disaster nurses who have participated in the studies will not be considered.

However, any articles discuss the adult care during a disaster will be including while any articles discuss a paediatric care will be excluding. Furthermore, any published articles not written in English or other published documents rather than the primary articles will be excluding. Also, any study not fit with the principle of keywords will be excluding. Full access will help the author to find the precise information, but any article with a limited access will be excluding. Besides, there is an exception for the articles that contained a unique information will be purchased by the author. Ultimately, peer review articles, opinions and reports will be excluding as well as any articles will participate any of the health care providers rather than nurses who involve in the disaster such as; physians

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