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Use this dilemma to answer the following in 2 pages with citation of work:Delima: While working on a colleague’s computer Sarah noticed there had been several security breaches, her co-worker had access to all classified documents that did not apply to them or their work, internet searches that would be considered not authorized sites, and a few other questionable actions. As Sarah was finishing up and thinking of a way to bring this up to her security manager and co-workers’ manager, a string of emails came in from an outside source asking if the request was done and if the information was ready to be sold. A reply email was sent as Sarah sat there with Not yet something has come up not at the computer currently still waiting for your payment. S.H How does Sarah handle this does she pull the co-worker aside and ask in such a way that is a friend coming to another friend out of concern and see what is going on and risk a more significant breach if the email is some threat? Or does she go to both managers and risk losing her friendship and her friend losing her job. Sarah is a dedicated employee and always wants to do her best and see the best in those she works with.
questions to be address: Discuss how each of the theories we’ve studied in some detail would be applied to your proposed dilemma.

For Utilitarian EthicsYou may also find it helpful to distinguish between Act/Rule approaches or between Bentham and Mill’s versions of Utilitarianism.
For Kantian Ethics: Be clear about which version of the Categorical Imperative you’re applying.
For Virtue Ethics: Don’t forget to address how the decision in your dilemma either 1) contributes to the development of character among those directly impacted OR 2) how the decision ties in more directly to the goal of living the Good Life (that is achieving Eudaimonia)
For Contractarian Theories: Discuss whether we can already assume that there is an existing (and Just) contract OR if the people in your dilemma would need (or should try to) create a new social contract (or modification to their existing contract).
Finally, for this , remember that you are trying to apply these theories fairly and accurately. Your view, how you would handle the situation, or even how you might feel about different solutions is irrelevant. Just focus on applying the ethical theories (and their underlying theory of value) to the issue raised in the prompt. And, if you think a particular theory wouldn’t view your dilemma as an *ethical* issue, then don’t be afraid to say so, just explain why

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