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Consistent with the module objectives, the purpose of this assignment is to explore the ethics related to family nursing practice.  Select one of the two case studies listed below and respond to the concerns raised related to this case.  Support your discussion using at least 1-2 professional nurse practitioner or medical journal by the end of Week 9. Respond to the posts of at least two colleagues by the due date. Responses to colleagues should be supportive and helpful (examples of an acceptable comment are: “This is interesting -in my practice, we treated or resolved (diagnosis or issue) with (x, y, z meds, theory, management principle) and according to the literature…and add supportive reference. Avoid comments such as “I agree” or “good comment.”

Case Study #1
Susie, age 45 years, and Johny, age 50 years, present to the healthcare clinic to consult with the APRN about their pregnancy.  They are pregnant with their first child.  It was recommended to them by their nurse midwife that they consider genetic testing and screening. Susie has a strong family history of cystic fibrosis (her sister and mother both had disease), and Johny has a strong family history of sickle cell anemia (his father and brother have this disease).  Susie and Johny have mixed feelings about the genetic testing.  As their primary care provider, how will you assess them, and what intervention strategies might you use to support them?
Case Study #2
Mrs. Jones, age 88 years, recently presented with rectal bleeding x 2 weeks.  She is more fatigued than normal, pale and weak in appearance and has developed a significant cardiac murmur which was not present on her last well exam three months ago.  She has declined any preventive screening such as a colonoscopy or pelvic exam despite a strong family history of colon cancer.  A physical exam reveals a large friable mass extending from her recturm.  As the APRN primary care provider, you recommend additional diagnostic testing, and have offered to talk to her son (age 62 years) and daughter (age 60 years).  She declines further diagnostic testing, and absolutely forbids you to talk to her children.  What is the best course of action?
Due Date:
Initial Post: Thursday week 10 by 11:59 p.m. (EST)
Response Posts: Sunday week 10 by 11:59 p.m. (EST)
Point Value: 10
To be successful, complete the following steps in order:
STEP 1: Review the the above overview and the Discussion Board general instructions under the COURSE HANDBOOK tab by clicking the ASSESSMENT INSTRUCTIONS link.
STEP 2:  Review the Grading Rubric 
STEP 3: Click on the above link titled “Click to launch” or click on the “DISCUSSIONS” tab on the left to view your assigned group and post to the graded discussion board forums
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