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Ethical practice represents the foundation for all licensed or credentialed counselors and school counselors. In career development, common ethical issues include the following:

· careful and culturally appropriate selection, evaluation, and interpretation of career assessment interventions;

· cautious use of interventions newly available due to technological advances, for example, Internet-based distance counseling and career information;

· and general limitations surrounding practices within one’s area of training and competence.

This Discussion will focus your attention on these issues through review and application of the ethical standards from the NCDA, which are dedicated to career counseling.


Be sure to review the Learning Resources before completing this activity. Click the weekly resources link to access the resources.


To Prepare:

· Review the NCDA Ethical Standards found in this week’s Learning Resources.

· Access the “Career Ethics in Practice: Four Case Studies” located in the Week 4 Learning Resources. Select the case study most closely aligned with your area of specialization. As you review the case study, consider how you as a counselor would ethically work with this client/student, including any multicultural or social change considerations.

· Select at least two NCDA standards you think are most relevant to the case, considering how these standards are relevant.


Post the following:

· A brief summary of the case study you selected

· A description of how you would ethically work with this client/student

· The NCDA ethical standards you believe are relevant to the case as well as any multicultural or social change considerations, identifying the specific standards and how they apply

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