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Ethinicity Within Australia

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The Scenario:

The non-aligned think tank, the Sydney Institute for Social Research, has recently made funds available for external researchers working on questions of power, inequality, and social exclusion. The SISR is especially interested in funding research exploring the way in which questions relating to race, Indigenous issues, ethnicity, nationalism, power and the state, deviance or crime, contribute to peoples feelings of belonging to or being excluded from the wider Australian community, as well as how these dynamics relate to the operation of government in Australia. You are an independent social researcher interested in just these issues, so this news couldnt have come at a better time for you and your organisation, because money has been tight. In collaboration with a small group of like-minded researchers, you decide to contact the SISR to see how you should go about gaining some funding. Youre told that in order to get financial support for your research, you need to submit a short research proposal indicating which specific issue you intend to focus on, and how you will conduct your research.

Our task in this group research assignment is to provide a brief review of existing, Australian research literature relavent to AUSTRALIAN ETHNICITY and to identify one of the main limitations to the existing literature.

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