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European Tourism

Instructions: You are required to answer the following questions. Please do not repeat

the questions on your answer sheet. Instead, please list the answers numerically

/sequentially by simply utilizing 1, 2, 3, and 4. For each assignment, you are expected to

answer the assigned questions in your own words. Each question should be at least

250 words.

1. Your text states that successful tourism requires positive attitudes and

contributions from several groups. Name/list these groups and explain, in depth,

how each of these groups views tourism. (tourism suppliers, host government,

communities, tourist/traveler)

2. Explain the position of tourism in the United States economy. Why must a

national tourism organization classify tourists and other visitors?

3. In what ways has the English Channel rail tunnel stimulated European tourism?

Christian churches and monasteries (hospices) played an important part in early

tourism. Provide at least three (3) details of this.

4. Why was pleasure travel practically eliminated during the Dark Ages?

Differentiate AH&LA and NRA.

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