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Evaluating the Effect of online social media marketing

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Evaluating the Effect of online social media marketing on

International students’ intentions when choosing a higher education institute in the UK

There have been many studies in the area of online marketing literature influencing consumer behaviour when choosing a service provider, but very little attention to the higher education industry in particular. UK universities spend a fortune every year on marketing alone, this study will help to find an answer to the problem of how to divide the marketing budget between many available marketing tools especially with the new emerging social media marketing. This is where the researcher finds the gap. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to evaluate how online social media marketing influence International students’ intentions to choose a university in the UK.

Research objectives

  • To evaluate to which extent social media marketing influences international students in choosing to study in a particular UK university.
  • To assess which elements of social media marketing that captivate international student’s initial impression.
  • To assess the importance of social media marketing in influencing international students to choose a university among other marketing tools such as newspapers, TV, and Radio.

This study should find an answer to this problem

Research design

  • A survey to be taken on international students. 12 questions. Send by emails.
  • Sampling population: 300 international students. Clients of UKECI Company.
  • Analysing the data: using SPSS.

The proposal should include:

  1. An introduction: the background to and rationale for the research proposal, which:
  • draws on relevant literature to show why your study is important, and
  • Articulates the relevance and significance of existing research in the field.
  1. The research aims and objectives, and associated hypotheses (or questions).
  2. The selection of a methodological approach. Supported by discussion and justification of the selection of approach. Reference to the research methods literature.
  3. The selection of an appropriate research design, with an accompanying description, supported by a justification. Justify:
  • Population(s) that will be the focus for data collection;
  • the nature of the collecting data;
  • how to negotiate access to data from institutions and/or individuals;
  • the sampling strategy;
  • The methods to collect and analyse your data.
  1. A consideration of any ethical issues that might arise in the course of the research and how to address them.
  2. A relevant reference list
  • Using illustrations, charts, diagrams, and tables is welcome.
  • Harvard referencing system
  • Table of contents

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