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Evaluation Essay

MLA format
5-6 Paragraphs
Evaluation essay 
As our Norton Field Guide tells us, there are some things that really cannot be argued in the classical
academic sense, and one of these involves matters of taste. If fire-engine red is your favorite color, I
cannot write a paper convincing you that blue *should* be your favorite color. These are personal tastes.
However, it would be reasonable to evaluate the color utilized to paint the walls of a bedroom for
maximum comfort. In that case, I believe I could make a reasonable argument that a shade of light blue
would be more comforting than deep vibrant red (for a place one is going to sleep, at least).
An evaluation makes a case for something or against something based on clearly defined criteria. If
horror movies represent your favorite type of film, then I cannot convince you that you should like
documentaries better. However, if I find one particular horror movie and feel it is the best of its class, I
can judge it positively using criteria such as the storyline, the settings, the special effects, and the acting,
and I’m much more likely to get my audience’s attention and interest as long as I use carefully selected,
specific supporting details.
There are so many different things that could be evaluated, and you probably have a subject of great
interest to you which will work very well for this assignment.
You will wish to select a subject, and compose a five to six paragraph essay

Please use MLA format.

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