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Events Management

Part One: Preparing for Special Event Production

In this part of the assignment, you will evaluate an RFP for an event and prepare to submit a proposal to provide catering for this event. As you evaluate the RFP, note if there is any information missing that you need in order to prepare your proposal. Use the space on the next page to provide your feedback on the RFP. Example RFP for Summer Fundraising Barbecue The local International Committee of the Red Cross chapter is seeking an event producer who will select a venue and provide entertainment, food and beverages, and everything else for its second annual mid-summer barbecue fundraiser. The event is designed to be a family-friendly event.



1. What type of event is this? How will this affect how you plan your event?

2. What information is missing from the proposal? What information would you need to

make it a success?



Part Two: The Economics of Special Events

You are able to ask the Event organizer/client more questions to complete your proposal for the event.

● Find a potential venue space that meets these needs in the area where you do business.

● As part of your planning, get an estimate of the potential costs of renting the facility and what the venue will provide. Consider what you will need to provide.

● You may want to contact your local visitors/tourism bureau to assist you in finding a venue.

● Use the space provided on the next page to describe the venue you have selected.



1. What did you select as a potential venue?

2. How will this venue meet the needs of your client and their event?

3. Describe how your choice could impact the budget for this event, taking into account

what the venue provides and what you will need to provide.



Part Three: Examine the Complex Array of Partnerships Necessary for a Successful Event

In this part of the project, you will describe what partners you will need to run the event. You should also have a clearer understanding of your role in the event.

For the purposes of this assignment, assume that you have used the client interview form to help clarify your role in the partnership with the client. Remember to consider how the amenities and/or limitations of your venue will affect what vendors you need.

Use the space provided on the next page to describe the partners you will need and how you will work with them to create a successful event.



Vendor Description:

In the space provided below, list the vendors you will need and describe how you will work together. Add additional rows if needed.

Vendor How will you work together?



Part Four: Developing Your Event

In this part of the project, you will use the space provided on the next page to describe the menu, service style, proposed seating layout, and décor for the event.

Use the information you’ve learned from the previous parts of the project about the client’s expectations, the venue, your role and responsibilities, and the partners you will work with to help develop your event.

After developing the event, create a plan for the event and write a production schedule for your event.



Event Description:

In the space provided below, describe the elements of the event.

1. Menu:

2. Service style:

3. Proposed seating layout:

4. Décor:



Production Schedule:

In the space provided below, complete the production schedule. Add additional rows if needed.

Date/Time Details Company & Contact Information

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