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Executive Recruiting and Selection

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This is a Human Resource(HR) Management class
Final paper:::


This is an individual research project on a selected Human Resource topic. Topics will be supplied by your Professor. It accounts for 15% of your grade. You are expected to use a minimum of six sources and produce a written report of at least nine to ten typewritten pages in MLA format plus cover page and works cited page. Your sources must be cited at the end of your paper in MLA format.

Final Paper Guidelines

Paper Proposal: (Due Week Two of the Course)

One-page, double-spaced, typed outline (or paragraph form)
Specific topic relating to human resources management (See Syllabus) CHOOSE WISELY!
Proposal must include:
Topic Statement
Thesis Statement (What are the goals / action steps / major points you will cover)
Research Items (Conduct an initial search of research resources and identify them) Cite 3-4 resources in proper MLA format right into your proposal – no need for a Works Cited page.
Learning Objective (Since you have a choice of the topic, you must state what you hope to learn from researching this topic – basically what is your investment?)



At least 9-10 pages. MLA Format with in-paper citations / Works Cited Page
At least six different credible research sources, utilizing business periodicals and HR resources.


Business-level language is required; minimal use of contractions, slang, cliches.
Research report written in third person. This is not an opinion paper as no one is expected to be an expert in the subject matter.
Paper is written in active voice versus passive voice
Report must be proofread; error-free from grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes

Paper Content: Objective: To integrate, analyze and apply course material with research to a human resources challenge in the business environment, while making sound business recommendations.
You must cover the following sections with relevant examples to successfully and adequately complete this project. This is 15% of your final grade.

Introduction/Organization Description:

Thesis statement of the overall main points you will cover in your paper
The relevancy of this topic to human resources management and business.


Discussion of topic issues: in the workplace, citing research to support or challenge your position; new findings, recommendations for management; thorough analysis of the research. Incorporate your arguments for or against. The position of you take on your issue must be supported with primary research.

Conclusion / Recommendations:

Based on your discussion and research, what are reasonable recommendations for organizations? HR Management? Management?
Review your main points, bringing it all together, addressing your thesis.
What new information did you learn by doing this research? Did it meet your thesis? Why or why not?

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