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Exit of the United Kingdom from membership of the European Union. (Brexit)

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Your task is to analyse the implications of the exit of the United Kingdom from membership of the European Union. The object of report is to illustrate the application of economic concepts and theories to this real-world issue. Thus you will be required to review economic concepts that apply to your task, such as ECONOMIC GROWTH (i.e. GDP), UNEMPLOYEMENT AND INFLATION and MONEY AND BANKING.
(You can go above the word limit but not below).

Important instructions:
Concepts to be discussed and applied are Economic Growth(GDP), Unemployment and Inflation, and Money and Banking.
Correct use of economic diagrams.
Students must present an assignment that directly addresses the assignment task. It is expected that the assignment will provide concise economic arguments and any appropriate explanatory diagrams. Marks will be awarded for reasoned explanations and arguments based upon economic analysis.
No introduction and conclusion needed because it�s a 550 words (excluding references, headings, diagrams etc) assignment so you MUST focus directly on the task.
Harvard referencing (in-text and reference list). Use atleast 2 academic references.

Criteria for marking:
The following criteria will be applied when grading the assignment:
Research and discussion of economic concepts (10).
A demonstrated understanding of economic theory appropriate application of economic concepts in a manner which illuminates the problem and perhaps offers a solution.

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