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Family Life Education


Family life education is relevant across the lifespan, is inclusive of all types of families, and is designed to meet the needs of the target audience (Arcus, Schvaneveldt, & Moss, 1993).

In regard to diverse audiences, program content must be culturally appropriate in order to be effective. Family life educators must determine the appropriate scope of their program and establish the relevance, or applicability, to their audience (NCFR, 2010b).

1. Given, the stated fact presented and in reflecting on your reading coupled with outside research, what are some best practices (actions) in creating and presenting a strengths based and culturally aware program for the diverse families served in programs today? Share and discuss at least 3.


Think of some events or gatherings you have attended in the past. This may be anything from a street carnival, a wedding reception, a SuperBowl Party, or a food truck fair. You can also write about street vendors or restaurants you have encountered overseas. For this discussion, discuss the food storage, preparation, or service that you experienced which was notably different than what you may have personally done in the past.

Did you feel that the techniques may have been risky or unsafe? Were you uncomfortable consuming the food or did you change your mind about eating it? Did you experience any adverse reactions? Be sure to include some steps that you could take to ensure that the food at those fairs, carnivals, parties, or food trucks would not cause harm to anyone consuming that item.


Using the internet as well as professional journals, articles and other academically recognized sources, discuss the following in this week’s discussion:

Discuss professional associations and federal training academies that provide fire investigator training for fire investigators.


1 – Describe transformational leadership. What are the four types of leadership behaviors that are identified in transformational leadership? Describe them and how they influence followers?


Topic A: Rawlsian Justice

John Rawls claims that justice comes down to a notion of fairness. He proposed a thought experiment wherein he proffers an ideal “original position.” The idea is that representatives of the people operate behind a “veil of ignorance” when determining what policies are in the best interests of all of the citizens. In brief, representatives are ignorant of their “The race, ethnicity, gender, age, income, wealth, natural endowments, comprehensive doctrine, etc. of any of the citizens in society, or to which generation in the history of the society these citizens belong” and “The political system of the society, its class structure, economic system, or level of economic development” (Wenar 4.6). They do understand different people have different life plans, that even if resources are scarce, “there is enough to go around,” and have good common sense.

Discussion task: Imagine you are a representative behind this veil. Discuss and defend several measures you would take to ensure a fair and equitable redistribution of resources.

Wenar, Leif, “John Rawls”, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Edited by Edward N. Zalta 9 January 2017.


Do some research on whistle-blowing in general and Wikileaks specifically. Do you feel that Julian Assange was performing a service that was beneficial to our country? Be sure to use parts of your moral compass to justify your position.

Additionally address the notion of whistle-blowing in general and whether you feel it is ever morally justified and under what circumstances. Be sure to give examples and be sure to use your moral compass to explain your position.


“Managers must achieve the difficult balance between loyalty to the organization and fidelity to their personal ethic and professional integrity. How far should a manager go in following the crowd or in standing alone?”. Address this question with details and supporting/opposing opinions.


For this week’s discussion, you will research the top 5 managed care organizations in the United States. Compare and contrast the top 5 features of each managed care plan. Describe what you think the future of managed care will look like.

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