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Feminist Analysis

MLA format, single spaced, 1200-1500 words. After reading the materials, discuss topics/points that interest you. To assess your opinions and theories put forth in the reading, consider the following questions:

1. What evidence does the writer offer to support his/her ideas?

2. Does the writer seek to challenge certain popular assumptions/stereotypes or not?

3. What is the social, cultural, or economic position of the writer with respect to the group/community of which s/he writes?

4. Does the writer acknowledge and engage objections to or potential criticisms of his/her positions?

5. How do your own preconceptions affect your critical reading of this writer’s


6. What has the author assumed her or his readers are familiar with? What surprised you about the piece?

7. Do you agree with its conclusions? Focus on specific passages, which you should quote. Grapple directly with the actual text, not simply your generalized memory of it: go back and reread underlined or marked

passages which made an impact on you.

8. How can you make use of the evidence and analysis provided by this writer to construct your own argument, or state your own position on the subject at hand?

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Readings :

· The Bridge Called my Back, Sections: Speaking in tongues & El Mundo

Zurdo :

· Dragon Ladies: Asian American Feminist: Breathe Fire by Sonia Shah

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