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1) Create a transcript of at least 10 utterances/sentences spoken by the client
2) Write a diagnostic statement with a severity rating. This is a one sentence statement.
3) Describe the client’s communication deficits as a result of the disorder in your diagnostic statement. Analyze the deficits and give specific examples that support your reasoning for the diagnosis.(specific sound errors in words, specific behaviors, specific examples of memory deficits, etc)
4) Set up long term and short term goals for the client. Long term is the overall goal, short term goals are the specific target to eventually reach the long term goal. Use ABCD format for short term goals: Example: LT: Improve vocal quality ST: Client will use easy onsets to reduce hard glottal attacks in single words with 70% accuracy LT: Improve phonological skills ST: Client will reduce use of velar fronting in single words after a clinician model with 50 % accuracy ST: Client will reduce use of final consonant deletion in sentences with no cues with 70% accuracy
5) Write which ST goal you are going to use and create a lesson plan for one ST goal. Describe an activity with materials and a therapy method that you would use to target one of the short term goals. How will this activity improve the skills that you are trying to target?


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