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Food Safety

For this project, you will be producing a manual on food safety. This manual may be developed for use in a restaurant, a school cafeteria, or a home. The intent is for it to be used as part of an employee training program, and utilized throughout the operation as a continuous guide. If you are creating this for home use, make it specific to your home and family – you probably don’t have employees, so adapt the table of contents. However you can still have “training”, that would be a good section to include some age appropriate web resources and food safety games and where you explain how your children would learn to cook with you guiding them in food safety and personal hygiene.

Use the table of contents below as a guide for the contents that must be included in your manual. Additional sections may be added as you see fit.

Include on your title page the following information:

Your name
The business/home/audience for which this manual is being prepared (who will be using this manual?)

The table of contents below should be the next page in your manual, after the title page. All the elements listed must be included, but you may add in sections as you deem necessary. Remember to keep your target audience in mind. The Table of Contents is in bold, and the explanation of what should be included in that section is in italics. Only the bold text needs to be in the table of contents (not the explanation). The explanation is there for clarification of what is expected to be included in that section. This is what you will add in that section of the manual.

Include page numbers in the Table of Contents and format your manual professionally, keeping in mind your target audience – make it specific and remember to include context. Don’t just include information because it is required – explain why it is important to know the information included. Develop the manual thoroughly. This will be used as a tool in your establishment to ensure food safety. You may use pictures or industry aids, just be sure they are properly cited.

The final page of your project should be your Reference page. Use APA format for your references. Have Fun!

Table of Contents

Purpose and Scope of Manual
Who is responsible for ensuring safe food?
How will this manual help prevent foodborne illnesses?

Foundations for Use
What are the food safety hazards?
What are the 5 main risks leading to foodborne illness, as defined by the CDC?
Who are at greater risk for foodborne illness and why?
How does the CDC define an outbreak of foodborne illness?

Safe Food Handling
Define how foodhandlers can contaminate food
Define guidelines for a good personal hygiene program and describe the steps for proper handwashing
Define requirements for employee work attire, proper use of gloves, and develop policies regarding eating, drinking or smoking while preparing food. What should an employee do when the first arrive at work?

The Flow of Food
Purchasing and Receiving – Define general guidelines/procedures for purchasing and receiving
Storage – Describe general storage guidelines. Address only dry storage and refrigerated items
Preparation – Provide guidelines for thawing, cooking, cooling and reheating food. Provide minimum cooking temperatures for at least 4 different items.
Service – Establish guidelines for servers and procedures for safe food service. (You do not need to include details on holding food for service or serving off-site unless it is applicable to your establishment)

Hazard analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)
Describe the steps involved in a HACCP system. Do not just list the steps, define them in your own words, as they relate to your facility.

Employee Food Safety Training
Develop a food safety training program for your employees. You do not need to include all the details, but be sure to explain the importance for having such a training program and identify the frequency with which this training should take place. In addition to the use of this manual, explain the type of training you will use and how you will determine when training will happen.

As this is an academic document, you are expected to include in-text citations and a properly formatted reference page. APA format is required.

Please be sure to read through the instructions for this project and let me know if you have any questions about the project or would like clarification on anything.

This is to be a food safety manual, developed for a specific restaurant, cafeteria, catering company, or your own home.  It should contain original content.  It should NOT be a series of copy/pastes from different sources.  It should NOT be a close paraphrase of a food safety manual that you found online and are just changing some words to make it specific to your organization.

Be sure it is specific to your organization.  If you are making a manual for home use, you will not have employees and probably won’t wear hair nets and gloves to prepare meals.  Tell what you SHOULD do though – like don’t pet the dog while you’re cooking, don’t lick your fingers while icing a cake, etc.  There are a lot of age appropriate food safety games – so for the “training” part, explain how food safety education will be an ongoing learning experience.  Include some websites that the kids will visit after or before helping you in the kitchen.

Provide context for the information that you are sharing.  Rather than just listing the three main food safety hazards, tell why it is important to know what they are – provide context and an explanation.  A list of facts is not going to teach your employees or the members of your household anything.
Here is an example of a Kitchen Handbook – and this is a good resource to take a look at when creating your manual:
this is to give you an idea of what a Food Safety Manual might look like.

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