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Forensic Psychology

Research Paper on a Forensic Topic:
Please pick a topic related to Forensic Psychology that is of interest to you and write a literature
review using APA style and at least 4 scholarly references. Your paper should be well-organized
and concise with a clear introduction and purpose, body and conclusion. Your paper should be 7
pages double spaced, not including the Title Page and Reference page.
Topics are very flexible as long as they somehow relate to Forensic work, so pick something that
is interesting to you.
-polygraph use
-ECT treatment
-personality disorders and ability to treat
(or chose anything forensic related)
Please see exact rubric below:
APA Style- /15
Forensic Topic- /10 (is the topic linked to forensic psychology?
Is this clear?)
Writing Content- /20 (i.e. how well-organized, well-written, makes sense to reader, purpose
clearly stated)
Topic Review-/25 (do they cover the topic thoroughly or focused only on a small detail?)
Applied Research- /20 (was it scholarly, was research incorporated throughout, it is up to

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