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Formatting a Research

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This is the format for the research paper:
Unit I-
A. “state the setting”
B .Statement of the problem
C .Significance of the study
D .Definition of the terms
E .Delimitation of the Study
F .Brief summary of the Unit

Unit II
Review of the literature
A. Brief introduction of purpose of the unit
B. Body of the unit must be organized by categories
1- Chronological
2- Topical
3. Study Methodologies
4. Specific Content Areas
(when writing about Unit II, please observe the following: when reviewing the literature pull together the implications of previous studies.
Point out how your research thrust was developed through the review. Make a point to relate literature review to the Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations in Unit 5. State something meaningful when listing previous research in Unit II. State your major findings through careful and precise language.

Unit III
Design and procedure
A. Introduction
B-Describe stages of the research activity
C.Describe sample
1.Selection process
2.Characteristics of sample population
D.Describe Data:
1 .Kinds of data
2 .Sources of data
3. Treatment of data
E. Unit summary

Unit 4.
A. Introduction
B.Body of the text must be organized in a format that is logical and clear.
C. Brief summary of the Unit

Unit 5
Summary, Conclusion, and Recommendations
B. Summary
1. Brief review of the entire project
2.Summary of major findings

1.Based on findings draw conclusion based on your research findings.

1.List meaningful recommendations for further research based on the findings found in your study.

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