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Foundational Islamic Theology

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Foundational Islamic Theology

ESSAY QUESTION: Discuss how Muslim theologians explained the relationship between the names (asma) and attributes (sifat) of God. Are they different or one and the same?


Essay addresses the question or issue, and adds new insight into the subject.

A clear and consistent argument is present throughout the essay. The discussion is tied back to the argument using appropriate means.

Provides accurate evidence that convinces reader to accept the arguments.

  • The importance and relevance of all pieces of evidence are clearly stated.
  • The argument is approached from different angles with evidence.

All evidence is cited using proper APA referencing.

  • Reference list is according to APA referencing.
  • 7-8 scholarly sources cited.

There is an introduction, sequenced body and conclusion in the essay.

  • There is transition between paragraphs and ideas.

All sentences are grammatically correct and clearly written. Non-English words and concepts are always explained. All information is accurate. Paper has been spell-checked AND proofread, and contains no more than a few minor errors, which do not adversely affect the reader’s ability to understand the essay.

  • Include a separate title page with the following details included
  • APA style referencing must be used.
  • Assignments should be typed.
  • Use double line spacing.
  • Use Times New Roman font 12pt.

Number your pages.

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