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Functional Behavior Assessment with Functional Analysis Assessment

Functional Behavior Assessment with Functional Analysis Assessment

Note – This assignment requires approximately 5 hours of field-based work and builds on your earlier intake and client report assignment. You will need access to a client/child who has identified behavior concerns. Ideally you will use the same client/child as you did in the midterm. If not, you will need to collect additional data (and have parent sign a new permission form).

This assignment builds your skills in determining the function of a behavior by completing a functional behavior assessment (FBA), and a functional Analysis Assessment (FAA). The FBA will allow you to hypothesize the function of a behavior. The Functional Analysis will allow you to test your hypothesis.

You may use your agency’s forms or others you have identified to complete a functional assessment for the client you targeted for your earlier assignment. You may enter the data previously collected on the forms except for the functional assessment observation form. You will need to observe your client to complete that form and hypothesize the function of their behavior.

When you complete the form and have hypothesized a function for your target child’s/client’s behavior, use an alternating treatment design to confirm the function of their behavior.

Use the feedback provided by your peers in Week 7 to revise your assignment.

Your FAA and assignment should be should include the following information and ordered as shown below:

1. Summary information from the FBA and Functional Assessment Observation

a. One paragraph describing the client/child’s presenting concerns

b. One paragraph detailing the dates of the observations and data collected and included in the final report (inclusive of the intake)

c. A summary of the findings from the FBA and Functional Assessment Observation

2. Description of the Functional Analysis Assessment (FAA)

a. Setting within which it was conducted

b. Procedures for conducting the FAA

c. Findings from the FAA

d. Graph showing the results of the FAA

3. Appendices

a. FBA form

b. Functional Observation Form

c. Any assessment protocols

d. Proof of signed consent. All names must be marked out however you will need to keep the consent form for your records.

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