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Functional rehabilitation

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Functional Rehab Assignment

A 29 year old provincial rugby player presented with a non dominant right acute biceps femoris (BF) tear received 3 days earlier during a match.

Age, previous  injury, hamstring (HS)weakness,  increased lumbar lordosis / anterior pelvic tilt,  poor flexibility,  previous ipsilateral anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, fatigue, inadequate warm-up and heavy training volume are all factors that predispose players to hamstring injuries(HSI) (Brooks et al., 2006; Kaux et al., 2015; Fyfe et al., 2013).   Rugby incidence of HSI are 0.27 per 1000 training hours and 5.6 per 1000 playing hours – most commonly in 3rd and 4th match quarters,  2.5 – 3 times more frequent in backs than forwards( Brooks et al., 2006; Kaux et al., 2015).

BF long head(lh)  has 3 major functions, extends the hip and contributes with BF short head(sh)  to knee flexion and external rotation of the tibia, acting as a dynamic knee stabilizer, preventing  tibial internal rotation in late knee extension.

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