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Gender Studies

Short paper gender studies

Short paper assignments should be up to 1500 words (2-3 pages) and structured as a critique of 3 peer-reviewed articles or book chapters covered in the lead-up to the assignment. The critique/response paper should include a summary of the author’s main arguments, highlighting specific themes in the readings of your choice, and your own critique/response towards the chosen works. You are expected to connect the author’s ideas and/or concepts in the readings with real examples from current affairs, media, or your own lived experience – think expansively!

You are required to write up to 1500 words (2-3 pages) critique of 3 peer-reviewed articles or a book chapters. You can choose any article or book/chapter that have been covered on or before week 9. The critique/response paper should include articles’ main argument, current debates, your own critique/response towards the chosen works and external examples to help support your own argument.

Write a response paper summarize any 3 readings connect to real life examples  identify authors main argument and claims and evidence to demonstrates the understanding of a. Text. Summary. Agree disagree pr complicate the text your response/critique using evidence from the primary text

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