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An annotated works cited is a list of your sources in which you summarize, assess, and reflect on each of the sources you plan to use for your paper.  You can read more details about each of these sections by clicking HERE .  On the left side of this page, you can also click on the link that says Annotated Bibliography Samples to see a sample of one. For this assignment, you will annotate TWO sources

Please use  Zotero for citations. You can access Zotero at

Links to an external site.

Once you have copied your Zotero citations into a word document, you will add your annotations directly below the source entry.

For each source, you must write 75 words for each section:

1. Summary – What does the source say? What are the main points? This section should not include your own opinion or judgment of the content of the source.

2. Assessment – What is the quality of the source? How do you know it is a reliable source? Does the source have any flaws? Does it do anything especially well?

3. Reflection – How will this source be useful to you in your essay? What will it help you prove or show?

This means that each source will have a total minimum of 225 words written for it.

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