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German American Bund

For this writing assignment, you will write a short biographical essay (1500 min. – 2000 max.words) about a member of a 20th
– century far-right group in the United States, specifically Fritz Kuhn and the German American Bund.

This essay has three parts/components:

Introduction: introduce your subject and the group/movement he or she joined. (fritz kuhn and german american bund)

Part 1: you’ll provide the reader with a short history of the group of your choice and an explanation as to why you’ve chosen this particular group.  Why is this group and its history
relevant today?

Part 2: you’ll discuss the personal background (with a focus on radicalization) and political activities of the subject you chose.

Part 3: you will analyze what moved your subject to join this particular group and, in more general terms, discuss members’ motivations to join the group in question.

Conclusion: you will discuss how the knowledge you’ve shared with your readers can help us
recruit people away from contemporary 21st-century far-right groups. Draw meaningful parallels
between then and now to argue your point.

Below are sources provided that NEED to be cited
– The Nazi Movement in the United States, 1924–1941

Optional sources
– Bell, Leland. In Hitler’s Shadow: The Anatomy of American Nazism. New York: Kennikat Press, 1973. 

Canedy, Susan. America’s Nazis: A History of the German-American Bund. Menlo Park, CA: Markgraf Publishing Group, 1990. 

Diamond, Sander A. The Nazi Movement in the United States, 1924-1941. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1974

Bradly W. Hart’s, Hitler’s American Friends

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