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Global Education Practice

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This section of the assignment for the module requires students to develop a Global Education Practice Manual on a local-global theme of your choice. It is expected that you will work or consult with appropriate group(s) to develop the manual.

Your pack should contain the following sections:

  1. A distinctive cover sheet, contents page, and acknowledgements.
  1. An introduction explaining what your local-global theme is, why it is a useful theme to look at, how the manual is structured and ways that community development practitioners could use it.
  1. An analysis of the local-global theme in the context of globalisation, identifying links between the personal, local, and global community (and vice versa), highlighting inequalities in these links and developing a Global Education agenda that could be addressed.
  1. A series of imaginative informal education/community education activities using life styles, music, food, arts, campaigns, story telling, internet, games, etc to promote learning based on the community education agenda derived from your analysis in 3 above.
  1. An edited portfolio of essential information made easily accessible to workers and client groups. You will need to include a content page and provide explanatory notes to direct workers and/or client groups through your portfolio (10 pages, not included in word count).
  1. An evaluation of the practice manual by your group(s) identifying its strengths, weaknesses, and how it can be improved. Provide also a self-analysis of the learning you have gained on this module as a whole.

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