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So for this order please read the assignment brief clearly and also the marking sheet under the column very good .

a message to writer department and support team please give me a top 10 phd writer specialize in this particular subject and topic no other writers.The writer must be not have over work load because it will lead to the writers with half open eyes and if there repeat sentences and mistake they might not be aware of it.any writers assign to this subject was unable to produce the required expectation has to be change immediately.

This is a 2000 words paper which you will have to pick a brand and a emerging economy country which this brand have not arrive in that country market yet. please read the assignment brief and understand it clearly and do a research for me on the various brand i given to you on the assignment brief and research on the countries and see which one fit the brand according to the assignment brief and write the assignment out.

please be clear that no Wikipedia, untrusted websites, expire websites, expired journals.

please use Microsoft word referencing tool beside the layout to input the referencing and citation.

any changes regardless of country ,or brand or or topics evolve which might lead to extensive changes please strictly comply .

please strictly comply to new instructions if there additional info pass down to add or remove certain things pertaining to this assignment.

Order this Paper

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