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Global Organization


You will conduct an organizational global readiness for your organization or one you are interested in working for. You will include and/or assess the following:

1. Organizational background, structure, and control systems

2. Environmental scan of both the internal and external environment for only items that would have a major impact on the organization’s ability to operate globally. This does not need to be an exhaustive list but demonstrate your knowledge and ability to apply the concepts.

3. Corporate social responsibility, both globally and domestically because often the domestic approaches are reflected in the global approaches.

4. Organization’s cross-cultural competence

5. Expatriate Readiness

a. Source and availability of global staff (e.g. expatriates, home country nationals, and third country nationals)

b. Support provided to expatriate and/or their family, for example:

i. Career management for expatriate

ii. Familial needs and readiness, i.e., spouse and family

iii. Repatriation of expatriate and family if accompanying

6. Management concerns with managing and leading global teams etc.

7. Summary and Recommendations

Additional Assignment Guidance:

· Your paper should be a minimum of 8 pages in APA format (excluding title page and references) but encouraged use the number of pages needed to complete your assignment and address each of the elements effectively. To assist you in developing your assignment, you might find the attached template helpful.

· DO NOT include an abstract

· Submit your work as an MS WORD ATTACHMENT ONLY in either a .doc, .docx, or .rtf format.

· Please use 3rd person; however, you can use first-person perspective where applicable and appropriate, i.e. describing your own role, distinguishing from your point of view and others, or writing is reflective or contains personal elements.

· Do not forget to incorporate conceptual discussion when appropriate.

· You will use subheadings. A subheading reflects the content that follows. Subheadings provide a point of reference for the reader as well as guide the reader through your paper. If you do not have a clear thesis or your introduction is a bit complicated, the reader spends time guessing and is unclear as to what they are reading and why.

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