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Globalization and societal trends

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1- Globalization and societal trends file. It includes short paragraphs that describe the event and the reason me taking part in this event.

2- Reflections outline file It includes guidelines to write this paper.

You need to elaborate on Globalization including global Marketplace, doing Business Abroad and why it is important for business owners.

Business & Society: An Introduction

This theme was chosen in order to get students to engage with global and societal trends, which are affecting business and management practices, both nationally and internationally. Trends and cultural shifts are constantly changing the way that individuals purchase, consume and view the world. Consequentially it is essential for business practitioners in particular to be aware of these in order to forecast what customers will want or reject in the future

The Personal Opportunity for Development activities, which you undertake for the Business and Society theme, should make you more knowledgeable about what large issues and opportunities are occurring, which in turn will affect the world of work.

Listed below are the main aspects to be considered within the business and society theme.

These key aspects can be explored from a micro/meso or macro level.


  • The Global Marketplace
  • Doing Business Abroad
  • Free and/or Fair Trade

Environment and Community

  • Sustainability
  • Corporate Citizenship and Social Responsibility
  • NGO’s
  • Corporate Activism

Corporate Stakeholders

  • Corporate Ethics
  • Governance
  • Corporate Philanthropy

Societal Trends

  • Demographics       • Technology
  • Consumers             • Quality of work
  • Female empowerment


Structure of Reflection for Business and Society Theme

The guidelines below are not perspective – you do not need to follow them exactly but should have a consistent format in your reflection writing and ensure that you develop your points well.

Reflection Outline

  1. Justification/Link

Why did you go?

How does this relate to your PDP? Use literature

  1. Self-analysis

What were your thoughts?

Feelings? Values? Attitudes? Reactions? Assumptions?

  1. Description of the event (Keep this brief)

What happened? Details of what happened-where were you?

What was the experience?

What was your role?

(Please note: it is common for some students to integrate points 4 and 5 together if hey feel it is more suitable)

  1. Analysis of your learning

What did you learn?

What parts in particular interested you?

What conclusions about your learning can your draw?

  1. Application in context

Answer the key points below with the use of literature

Thinking about each aspect which interested you:

How does it link to previous knowledge, experience, learning, assumptions?

How does it link to theory, frameworks?

How does it link to the themes in B&S?

This linkage must be articulated clearly such that it explains:

How and why you think there is a link

The importance of the link

How does it help you explain or understand (or not) previous knowledge and experiences

  1. Evaluate

Critical analysis of those learnings, answer the key points below with the use of literature

Was it good or bad?

Did you agree/disagree and why?

If you were to be critical of it, what are your conclusions/constructive criticisms?

How does it test or require you to re-interpret or re-consider what you already knew/previously did?

  1. Reconstruct self-concept

What changes can you make?

What changes will you make?

What would you do differently or will do differently next time as a consequence of this event?

What new knowledge do you have now?

How will this change you in your career in the future?

  1. Action/Application of knowledge

How did you apply that learning?

Give an example/evidence of

Understanding the learning from the activity and

You putting the learning into practice

What worked in your efforts to put the learning into practice?

What didn’t work and why?

What are your plans for future actions to apply this learning?

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