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Government Budgeting

Directions: Answer each of the following questions. Be sure to use complete sentences when answering the questions. Cite your sources as appropriate. Your answer to each question should be several paragraphs. Please double space your answers.

1. Identify and discuss the primary sources of tax revenue in Texas? Is it wise to rely so heavily on tax revenue? (10 points)

2. Identify and explain four factors that limit budget flexibility in Texas? (10 pts)

3. What are the steps in policy making process? For each step provide at least one example of how the sheer size of Texas or the diversity in Texas impact the step? (10 points)

4. Education and health care are major expenses in Texas. Select four factors that have contributed to the increased costs for both of these. (10 points)

5. Texas does not have a strong record of environmental protection. What state agencies are involved in environmental protection? How does Texas’ traditionalistic culture and overall economic structure impact the environmental practices within the state? (10 points)

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