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Grant Writing

Using last week’s research on a government or nonprofit grant for your selected project/proposal, create a grant on behalf of a program or project of an organization or governmental department. Throughout this grant, be sure to pay close attention to how you build partnerships between government and nonprofit entities to persuade the grant-giving body to provide funds.

To gain funding in a government or nonprofit setting, many entities rely on grants and grant writing. In this exercise, you will practice engaging with a grant-giving body to receive the necessary funds you need for a project or plan.

Provide a PDF of the grant application requirements for the grant you are writing listed by the grant-giving entity.

Write a 300-word executive summary that details the problem your grant is seeking to relieve, the solution the program or project will implement with the funding, and who are the major stakeholders of the project. Indicate how the grant funds will create a partnership between the grant-giving body and your government or nonprofit entity and what that partnership will yield for both partners.

Write a 750- to 1,050-word grant proposal for one specific grant for your project inclusive of the following steps:
Introduce your organization.
Write a direct problem statement.
State the goals and objectives.
Explain the project design methods and strategies.
Evaluate section tracking success.
Name other funding sources and sustainability.
Provide a project budget.

Format your assessment and cite your sources according to APA guidelines

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