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Grant Writing

The name of the grant is “Unlocking Boundless Potential for Your Child!”
Attached below is the format you should follow.
Section 1: In this section you’ll identify (create) a problem that needs to be addressed and you can be creative as to the problem you want to address. Maybe there is an actual problem in your town or city that needs addressed. Or perhaps there is a problem in which you are very interested in addressing.  You can create a problem if necessary. Take the section sentences one at a time and just answer each one as best as you can. Don’t be anxious if you can’t answer each question right away. You may have to think about each item for a while. Remember, as grants professionals we know that organization is key!  You may place your writing below the italicized description or delete the italicized information and write your narrative in that place.  If you decide to delete the italized information make sure you do not forget to address any of the required items.  Forgetting to address some item within an application will usually cause a proposal to be unfunded.
Section 2: n this section I DO NOT expect you to provide an elaborate evaluation plan but just a simple way of determining if your proposed program was successful.  If this were a large, complex proposal we would most likely hire an evaluator or an evaluation team to develop and conduct the evaluation.
Sections 3: In this section the Shannon Foundation wants to know how well your organization is connected to other organizations. You may be creative as to the organizations to which your created organization is connected.
Section 4: Just answer accordingly.
Section 5: For this question you’ll need to determine how much funding you think you’ll need for your proposed program or project. For this exercise let’s say you’ll need $150,000 for your entire program or project.
Section 6: For this question you’ll request $100,000 from the Shannon Foundation for your program or project for a 24 month period beginning on January 1, 2024 and ending on December 31, 2025. We’ll say that your organization already has $50,000 contributed in cash from other sources.
Section 7: For this question say your organization is provided $50,000 per year from local corporate sponsors for operating funds.
Section 8: For this question say your organization has $20,000 pending from a proposal from the local United Way organization.
Section 9: January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2025.
Section 10: For this section we’ll say your program or project will not be ongoing and will be completed by December 31, 2025. So you will not have to answer this question. However, if this were an actual proposal you were sending to a private-sector sponsor requesting operating expenses how would you continue operating after the grant award ended? Sustainability is a real issue for proposal writers and developers. Just writing in a proposal narrative that you will just seek more grant funding usually won’t be accepted well by a sponsor.

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