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Group Sense Making and Reflective Writing Task

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Group Sense Making and Reflective Writing Task

Situation Statement ‘ As a result of a cultural and technological revolution, the balance of power between leaders and followers has shifted with leaders becoming weaker and followers stronger’.

Phase 1: Identification of feeling (225 words)

Phase 1: you are required to report your personal feelings, thoughts or comments related to the above ‘situation statement’. It is quite likely you may experience more than one feeling, thought etc. Conflicting feelings/thoughts and/or those feelings/thoughts that change over time should be noted. It is important that you don’t only note the assumed or described feelings/thoughts; focus on your feelings/thoughts.

Phase 2: Search for Meaning (225 words)

Phase 2: You are required to make sense of the context in the situation statement, now using the perspectives of all your involved group members (other 3person). Use the identified feelings/thoughts to help you analyse your personal responses to the situation statement. This analysis may incorporate an exploration of personal believes, dispositions, experiences and attitudes. You might consider speculating as to the meaning others attributed to the situation given the feelings/thoughts reported. Conclude by explaining what it all means. (It means you need to compare with 3 other people which It could be similar or different thought from you)

Phase 3: Validation of Meaning (225 words)

Phase 3: With reference to the (Phase 2) comments of group members, you are required to validate the analysis of the situation by asking for feedback from other external participants, peersetc. In other words, the meaning attributed to the situation is confirmed (or disconfirmed) with reference to the ideas and perspectives of others and/or through personal reflection of your own personal experiences.

Phase 4: Outcome of Reflection (450 words)

Phase 4: You are required to indicate how your reflection of the situation has influenced your approach and/or perspective to this specific issue. Any possible shift in your values, beliefs and/or attitudes should also be noted.

Most importantly, highlight the key words by using capital so that can easily see the process.

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