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Gun Violence

Your goal in this assignment is to describe and analyze how the two texts perform rhetorically to present the issue in a particular way, for particular purposes. Additionally, you will describe how the texts attempt to persuade their audiences to take action using specific rhetorical strategies and tools. You should:
● Present a brief overview of the issue(s) that the texts are attempting to address;
● Analyze each text individually; and
● Compare the two texts to analyze how they present information and appeal to their given
audiences in different ways about your topic, and with what effects.
● Describe what you think can be learned about communicating effectively and/or ethically
about an issue and moving people to take action through rhetorical analysis.
Your goal is not to express your own opinion/position on the issue at hand, but rather to analyze what the two texts are doing rhetorically. You may make an argument about their effectiveness and/or ethics.

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