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Health Behaviors


The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate the skills of the professional nurse as an educator. You are to prepare a patient scenario based on the required assigned topic (Diabetes). You will choose an already-developed and reliable mHealth app to educate your patient.

Preparing the Assignment

Select ONE of the Health Conditions or Health Behaviors for the focus of your assignment through the Healthy People 2030 link below: to an external site.

Note: It is crucial to choose your Health Condition or Health Behavior first, then develop a short but detailed patient scenario (See the video tutorial, assignment directions, and rubric for details about the scenario.) Then, explore a mobile health app (mHealth app) that fits the patient and the topic.

Requirements and Guidelines

· Write your own patient scenario using the Required Assignment Topic.

· Make sure to include a Healthy People 2030 Health Condition or Health Behavior in the scenario for a patient who desires to maintain or achieve good health and prevent illness and who could benefit from an already developed and reliable mHealth app from the internet.

· Choose a scholarly peer-reviewed journal article published within the last 5 years and related to your scenario’s health condition or health behavior. This required article citation MUST appear in the Patient Scenario section of the paper and support your chosen health topic. You may use other citations/references in your paper; however, these would be optional. The Chamberlain Library is your best place to obtain this article. Cite this in APA 7th edition format in this section of the assignment.

· Describe in detail the plan for teaching this patient in the scenario.

· Include the nurse’s assessment of learning needs and readiness to learn.

· Identify a mHealth app that could benefit the patient, considering the teaching/learning needs you identified.

· Tips for your internet search for an appropriate mHealth app:

· The iPhone App Store and Google Marketplace let you search for apps based on keywords such as “health” or more specific topics such as “weight loss,” “stress,” and “diabetes.” Look through the descriptions of apps that come up in your results. Does the app address the health concern you have identified? Does it do what you’re looking for with this specific patient? For example, if you’re interested in having your patient track their sleep habits, does the app do this? Please reach out to your instructor if you have questions about a particular mHealth app for this assignment.

· Describe the app, including the mHealth app name, purpose, intended audience, mobile device(s) upon which it will operate, and where to download or obtain it. Add any other information you believe would be pertinent to this situation.

· Include a working link if it is to be downloaded from a website in the area indicated on the template.

· Make sure to add a citation for this mHealth app in APA format. The directions and examples of how to cite a mobile app are located on page 340 of the APA Manual, 7th edition.

List your 2 references. One will be the mHealth app reference, and the other will be your scholarly article reference.

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