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Student will use information from Skill Set 2 and new information provided
below to complete Skill Set 4, Exercises 1, 2, 3, and 4.
1. Open a new WORD document.
• Apply your name and Student ID number.
• Refer to your text book from your Healthcare Management or Department
Management class to complete the following:
Write a two-paragraph summary explaining the difference between a policy
and a procedure, and explain why any organization (big or small) will benefit
from having policies and procedures in the workplace.
2. Open a new WORD document.
• Apply your name and Student ID number.
• Joint Commission accreditation and certification is nationally recognized as
a symbol of quality that reflects on the performance standards of an organization. Review the Mission and Vision statements of the Joint Commission
using the following link:
• Write a mission and vision statement for the hematology/oncology center
used in Skills Set # 2
3. Open a new WORD document.
• Apply your name, Student ID number, and the date.
• Add the company letterhead from Skill Set 2 and title this exercise,
“Performance Improvement Process Policy.”
• Research the information pertaining to a performance improvement plan
policy, and complete the following policy template with information you
learned from your research.
Policy: Performance Improvement Plan
• [Explain the reason/purpose for this policy as decided by the company.]
• [Explain in detail or a bulleted list which employees this policy
applies to.]
Policy elements
• [Write the text of this policy.]
• [List the steps that need to be followed in carrying out a performance
improvement plan.]
• [List the titles of those within the organization who would be responsible for carrying out the policy.]
4. Open a new WORD document. Add previous company letterhead and title this
exercise, “Performance Improvement Plan.”
• Apply the employee name from Exercise 1.
• Apply your name and Student ID number as site supervisor.
• Apply the date.
• Apply the information you obtained in your research of a Performance
Improvement Policy (PIP), and complete the policy template with the required
information listed in the template below:
Jessica, the recently hired phlebotomist, was reported by the laboratory supervisor for
continuing to leave early one or two days a week without permission. The laboratory
supervisor met with Jessica, and she was informed that leaving early without permission wouldn’t be tolerated unless in an emergency. This had been addressed during
her Performance Evaluation, and Jessica was given a verbal warning making her aware
that if she continued to leave early without permission, she would be written up. As
the site manager, you’ve scheduled a meeting with Jessica to discuss that she is being
placed on a PIP for the next 30 days. At the end of that period, you and she will meet
again to review the progress of Jessica’s PIP.
Research information pertaining to a PIP, and complete the following policy template with
the information you’ve obtained.
Add signatures where indicated using a signature font of your choice.
Employee Name: __________________________________________________________________
Site Manager (You): ________________________________________________________________
Department: ______________________________________________________________________
Date: ______________________________________________________________________________
The purpose of this Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) is to define serious areas of
concern, identify performance gaps, recap [company name] expectations, and allow
the employee an opportunity to demonstrate improvement and commitment.
Areas of Concern: [List specific areas where the employee failed to meet
Observations and Previous Discussions: [List any previous times the issues
have been addressed, the context, and the outcome of these discussions.]
Step 1—Improvement Goals List the goal(s) related to areas of concern to be
improved and addressed:
Step 2—Activity Goals List below the activities that will help the employee reach each
Goal(s) Activity to Accomplish Goal(s) Start Date Completion
Step 3—Resources List below the resources available to the employee to complete his
or her improvement activities [may include other people’s time or expertise, management support, training materials and activities, or time away from usual
Step 4—Progress The following schedule will be used to evaluate the employee’s
improvement progress. This will be completed weekly by the laboratory manager and
reviewed weekly by the site manager.
Goal Activity Checkpoint
Date Progress Concern(s) Notes
Effective immediately, the employee is being placed on a [insert 30, 60, or 90]-day
PIP. During this time, the employee will be expected to make regular progress as indicated on the above plan. The employee has been made aware that failure to meet the
above expectations or any further misconduct will result in additional disciplinary
action, up to and including termination. If there’s no significant improvement to
indicate that the goal(s) will be met by the above timeline, employment may be terminated prior to the end of this PIP. Failure to maintain performance expectations after
completion of the PIP may result in additional disciplinary action up to and including
Follow-Up Updates The employee will receive final feedback on his or her progress
according to the following schedule:
Date Activity Conducted by Outcome
The PIP doesn’t alter the employment-at-will relationship. The contents of this PIP will
remain confidential and become a permanent part of the employee’s file. Should the
employee have questions regarding this content, he or she has been instructed to
follow up directly with the site manager.
The employee and site manager will meet again in [ ] to review the
Performance Improvement Plan. The employee has been made aware that he or she
will receive a follow-up appointment date and time reminder via company email
one week prior to the scheduled appointment.
Employee Name: __________________________________________________________________
Job Title: __________________________________________________________________________
Employee Signature: _________________________________ Date: ______________________
Site Manager Name: _______________________________________________________________
Site Manager Signature: _____________________________ Date: ______________________

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