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Health Education Program: Diabetes

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Task: Students will be required to develop an outline for a diabetes health education program that will include a justification and method of monitoring and evaluation. The task is to develop a health education intervention for individuals or a small group of people who either have diabetes (any type) or are at risk of diabetes, sample target individuals may include (choose one), or you can make your own target population:

-older adults >65 with type 2 diabetes
-gestational diabetes
-adolescents with type 1 diabetes

1 .Describe the target audience-how many people are affected? Why is this a problem? What behaviours are you are trying to address? It is important here that you provide evidence of the population at risk eg from AIHW (Australian Institute for Health and Welfare)or other reputable sources

2. Justify your choice of theoretical framework for your program, attached here are sample theory, models and framework.

3. Articulate the goal of your program

4.Articulate at least three objectives and ensure they are SMART

5.Describe the strategies you will use: for example how will you deliver the program? What resources will you use? Where and how often will the program be available? Again, it will be important to review the evidence of effective programs that you can learn from and/or adapt to suit your target group

6.Develop a timeline and stages for the program development-here you might use a model like the one shown in the �Planning and evaluating health promotion� attached in this email is the sample.

7. Briefly describe the budget for the program-you don�t need a lot of detail, but I do need to see that you have thought about what things might cost?

8. Explain your process and tools for monitoring and evaluation

You should use headings and can include tables and figures. You must include about 10 references. Please use bullet points sparingly!

NB You do not have to actually run the program-this is a planning document that you might develop in your workplace to advocate for the development of a new program.

You need to have at least 10 references in Harvard format

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