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Health Promotion and Education: Nursing Essay

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Increase awareness of diabetic patients to prevent diabetic foot among children and youth

Details of task: Program Logic is a term used to describe program plans that ensure all conceptual and technical elements of the program are linked through logical connections � the determinants drive the goals that are connected to objectives from which strategies /interventions are derived. Program plans that follow a logic design include a plan for evaluation, which in turn is useless without a good quality program plan to guide the measurement of program effects (Keleher, et al, 2008, p. 116).
In this second part of assignment 1 you will build on the previous part to include the next phase of health promotion projects. In this section you are required to focus on the process of planning for sustainable health promotion.
Critically analyse why the following are important to health promotion programs. Use the Program Logic model as the basis for your discussion.
? The planning stage, what is required and why. Consider effecting change at multiple levels and the determinants you need to consider

? Your key stakeholders and partners for your project and why they are significant. How will engage these particular people and organisations?

? The implementation stage, what is required and why

? how you will evaluate your project and why you have chosen this method/s

? how you will ensure your project will be sustainable and why this is an important component of health promotion

This an academic paper that must adhere to rules of academic presentation.

?�Introduction, body, conclusion

? Subheadings can be used.

? In-text citation must adhere to the APA 6th edition Assignment Writing Guidelines.

? References must be published in the last 5-7 years and represent quality sources of evidence on the topic.

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