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Health Psychology: Practical and Professional Issues

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MSc Health Psychology: Practical and Professional Issues

Feedback sheet for in-class verbal presentations: assessment criteria


Presentation topic:   PREVENTION OF Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder


Please assess the presentation according to the criteria in the table below by circling your rating on the 1-5 scale where:


1/2 =  considerably below or below average


3 = average (i.e. at the minimal level appropriate for a Division of Health

Psychology conference presentation)


4/5 = above or considerably above average



Assessment Criteria


1.  Academic Content (50%)          
Detail and clarity of the programme’s:          
Aims 1/2 3 4/5
Underpinning models and/or theories 1/2 3 4/5
Activities 1/2 3 4/5
Critical evaluation of the programme in relation to:          
Legal issues 1/2 3 4/5
Ethical issues 1/2 3 4/5
Professional issues 1/2 3 4/5
Other (please specify): 1/2 3 4/5
2. Presentation style (50%)          
 Pace and audibility of presentation 1/2 3 4/5
Clarity of PowerPoint slides 1/2 3 4/5
Interaction with the audience 1/2 3 4/5
Use of body language 1/2 3 4/5
Handling of questions 1/2 3 4/5
Organisation of presentation material 1/2 3 4/5
Keeping to presentation time allocation (15-20 minutes excluding 5 minutes for questions) 1/2 3 4/5
Other (please specify): 1/2 3 4/5

Feedback from the table above aims to identify areas for improvement and to let you know what you are doing well.  There is no direct correspondence between the numbers in the table and your overall mark for this assessment.

  • Very good presentation overall
  • Content – very clear on the background of FSAD, the aims of the campaign, its activities and the target audience. Good link to theories but it would be good to look at evidence in the literature (perhaps look at the health psychology models used for behaviour change in pregnancy or for changing behaviour around alcohol intake). You could expand a bit on the legal and ethical issues too – e.g. looking at the rights of the unborn child vs those of the mother? Just an idea
  • Presentation – Confident delivery. You were clear and the slides were clear. You made it interesting throughout and interacted well with the audience. You used some nice transitions too.
  • For the assessment, look at the content points mentioned above. You are definitely on the right track to produce a good essay!

Mark: 65%

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