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Many management practices in health service organisations have been imported from the corporate world. Many of the approaches used in quality management, for example continuous quality improvement, quality assurance, LEAN thinking and Six Sigma have been adapted from a manufacturing environment. It may be argued that health services are different. Discuss.


Evaluation of Assignment 1


Possible Mark

The topic and purpose of the paper are clearly defined in the introduction. The introduction identifies the framework of the essay. 5

Idea development is logical and orderly, presenting a cohesive argument. 20

Demonstrates a clear understanding of the topic. 20

There is evidence of critical thinking, indicating an ability in analysis and interpretation. 30

Content is supported with reference citations appropriate to the essay topic. See University Policy on Plagiarism. 10

A rational conclusion is offered and supported. 10

The presentation of the paper is of an appropriate academic standard

– spelling, grammar and referencing are correct. There is numbering of pages, a table of contents, correct in text referencing and a correctly cited reference list. 5


Assignment is based on a statement, your answer should be a discussion/debate/argument that explains why or why not using improvement methods from another industry may or may not work/be suitable etc. When undertaking a post graduate assignment you are expected to get your initial thinking around a topic from a lecture or module notes. The onus is then on your investigation and research to focus on finding appropriate sources of credible information to develop a discussion debate etc.

So in this instance we are referring to largely Six Sigma and LEAN, which have been used extensively in some cases to try to improve quality & safety in health care. Many countries have approached this on a large scale and this goes right ot individuals trying to make a difference. The assignment is not about six sigma and LEAN as such, these are improvement methodologies and there are many others. As they have been used in health widely in the past decade you are likely to find a vast amount of literature extolling its virtues and success and also there is masses written on the not so successful. I am not looking for a description of what they are and what they do per sae.

My suggestion is the following

Introduction giving some context, so what you are going to discuss and why

Background issues in health, why is it complex, who are the stakeholders, what are the main issues/challenges facing health and why, what are the issues in Q&S

Main Body- will examine unique characteristics of health including supply/demand, consumer expectations workforce (silos) culture etc

Then what has been done in health to make improvements to Q&S giving examples from the literature and taking a stance do you think they are suitable or not backing up your points with what is in the literature and what your experience may or may not be.

Conclusion a summary of what you have discovered and maybe some recommendations for the future of how to improve further or do we look to others rather than manufacturing etc

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