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Healthcare Database

Throughout this activity, we will explore the different components of the proposed database design in detail, considering the benefits and drawbacks of different approaches and drawing on academic research to support our arguments.

In 600 words,


1. Begin by conducting research on database design and healthcare databases. Look for academic sources that discuss best practices in database design and healthcare data management.

2. Next, develop an outline for a proposed database design. This should include a description of the Patient table and its fields, as well as the Diagnosis, Treatment, and Outcome tables and their respective fields. Be sure to consider any relationships between these tables, such as foreign keys or other constraints.

3. Create your proposal, and your proposal should include:

o An introduction that explains the purpose of your proposed database design and provides some background information on the importance of effective database design in healthcare.

o A detailed description of your proposed database design, including a discussion of the Patient, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Outcome tables, their fields, and any relationships between them.

o A discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of your proposed design, including any potential issues that may arise from implementation.

o A conclusion that summarizes the key points of your proposal and emphasizes the importance of effective database design in healthcare.

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