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1-In the proposal, you will also develop a health promotion program to meet a health need of a vulnerable population in your potential concentration area or community. (MIAMI-FL). The proposal must demonstrate graduate school level writing and critical analysis. Detailing a health problem that is prevalent within your community and demonstrating your research of health promotion strategies for addressing this specific health problem.


-The first page should be your introductory page.

-Second page will be your selected condition and create a PICOT question with the PICOT format for this Health Promotion Problem ( HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE).

For additional information and tools about how to create you question, please visit:

1. Introduction. Describe the health problem. DON’T TYPE “Introduction”. (1 paragraph).

Using data and statistics, support your claim that the issue you selected is a problem.

What specifically will you address in your proposed health promotion program?

Be sure your proposed outcome is realistic and measurable.

2. Describe the vulnerable population. Age from 55 years old and above (1-2 paragraph).

What are the risk factors that make this a vulnerable population?

Use evidence to support the risk factors you have identified.

3. Provide a review of literature from scholarly journals (at least 2, one of those two should besystematic review supporting what you wish to accomplish) of evidence-based interventions that address the problem. (2 paragraph, one for each article).

After completing a literature search related to effective interventions for your chosen health promotion activity, write a review that evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of all the sources you have found and how this evidence supports your ideas.

4. Select and present an appropriate health promotion/disease prevention theoretical or conceptual model that best serves as the guiding framework for the proposal. (1-2 paragraph).

For this assignment a conclusion paragraph is NOT REQUIRED.

-4 PAGES in length (excluding title page, references, and appendices)

-Follow APA format PROPERLY

-Cite a minimum of five research articles, including the two sources you will use as body of evidence in the literature search, in point 3.

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