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Hindu and Confucian Legal Traditions

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Legal issues

Topic: Hindu and Confucian Legal Traditions

Thread: Explain 2 similarities and 2 differences between the Hindu and Confucian Legal Traditions.

Please write between 350 to 550 words and include at least 1 scholarly source other than the course materials. All sources must be cited in current Bluebook (footnotes) format and incorporate a Judeo-Christian worldview/analysis and biblical principles in the paper. NOTE: You will be expected to incorporate multiple sources (at least 3), your textbook (H. Patrick Glenn. Legal Traditions of the World (5th ed. 2014). ISBN: 9780199669837), and the Bible into your essay. This means you must have at least 3 different sources incorporated into your essay. Each one of these sources should be cited using the Bluebook citation method.

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