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Write short essays 2 paragraphs for each questions, so it should fit less than an A4 page 1. Mother India and Rang De Basanti explore the concept of freedom, both personal and national. How do the characters in each film define freedom, and what are they willing to sacrifice for it? 2. Both films juxtapose historical events with the present day. How do these films use the past to comment on the present? Are there lessons learned or mistakes repeated? 3. Both films present characters struggling with the tension between their desires and responsibilities to a more significant cause. How do these characters navigate this conflict? 4. Both films feature strong female characters. How are women portrayed in each film, and how do their roles contribute to the overall themes? 5. While Rang De Basanti focuses on the Indian independence movement, Mother India is set against the backdrop of Partition. How do these different historical contexts shape the narratives and messages of each film? Read these articles and respond to this question : Discuss why it is essential to have an authentic representation of South Asians or other minority communities in film and media.

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