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Below are listed the types of projects that you can do for this history class. Your project should relate to a major historical event. This project should analyze the portrayal of the past in different mediums, exploring the perspective (including biases or objectives) of the filmmakers, creators/curators, or writers, the historical accuracy of the portrayal (in a detailed and a broad sense), and the relative success and reliability of the medium as a primary and secondary source of historical information. You should use a combination of primary and secondary sources for your evidence. You must cite all images, clips, facts, ideas, paraphrasing, and quotes, including the particular medium you selected and any reviews of them that you have used, in footnotes and bibliography, using either MLA or Chicago (Turabian) style.  Here is a reference website You are expected to complete one project. Be sure to follow the directions on each project sheet (project reviews will be in research paper form, minimum 5 to 7 pages, not including title page or works cited).

If you would like to suggest a project other than what is listed below, you may.  (Other projects that students have done include songs, reviews of a video games, reviews of historical or political sites the student has visited, and evaluations of paintings.)  Just get your idea cleared with me first.  And remember your project must relate a primary historical event being covered in this class – Discovery (1492) to Civil War & Reconstruction (1865-77).

CRITIQUE (Hollywood vs History)

Before viewing the film, research the event and prepare a minimum 1 page overview for basis of the compare and contrast of Hollywood vs History.

Film Title:

Classification (choose all that apply):
Theatrical short subject Training film
Combat film Animated
Other (explain)

Physical Qualities of the Film (choose all that apply):
Special effects
Live Action Background noise
Answer the Following:

1.  What is the film’s historical message and does the film effectively convey its message (Do a bit of research on the historical event to compare Hollywood vs History)? As a tool of communication, what are its strengths and weaknesses?

  1. What is the mood or tone of the film? (Consider how camera angles, lighting, music, narration, and/or editing contribute to creating an atmosphere in this film.)
  2. How do you think the filmmaker wanted the audience to respond?4. Does this film appeal more to the viewer’s reason or emotion? How does it make you feel?

    5. What does this film tell you about things at the time being represented?

    6. What questions do you have that were left unanswered by the film?

    7. What information have you gained about the event or subject matter under discussion that would not be conveyed by a written source?

    8. Would you recommend this film as an effective study tool?

    9. Is there anything else you would like to add?

    Your critique should be 5 to 7 typewritten (doubled spaced) pages in length and 10 or 12 font only, using standard one inch margins.

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