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How does the operation of the global trading system help to understand how political power really works in the global economy?

ECON 397FP Final Paper Topic Choices
Fall 2023
Write a critical essay responding to one of the following large-scale questions:
• ‘What is wrong with global economic governance, and what is right with it?’
In your answer to this question draw on a variety of readings in class and provide
your unique answer. Make sure to establish first in your essay just how you think the
global economy is governed, before you turn to evaluating it on your own terms.
• ‘How does the operation of the global trading system help to understand how
political power really works in the global economy?’
• ‘Do global markets constrain the policy options of states?’
• ‘Who is in control of the international financial system?’
• ‘Can the operation of global economic governance be changed from the
activities of civil society? If so, how? If not, why not?’
• “Is it international organizations or the elites that make decisions within
them that ultimately govern the global economy?”
• “Is it possible to influence global economic governance ‘from below’ as some
proponents suggest?”
• “How can we measure global inequality, and what are the principle
challenges with this measurement?”
• Your own specific research question related to the big themes of the class.
Note that, because this is a higher risk strategy for the final paper, you will have to
get this approved by the instructor before you can go forward with it, at least two
weeks before the deadline.
The final paper should be between 4-5 pages long, 1.5-spaced, including bibliography
and footnotes. There is no particular format of bibliography/citations but please stick
to one of the predominant methods/style and be consistent.
This paper is an opportunity for you to apply your new knowledge of IPE and your
new analytical skills to a topic of your choice in the field of IPE. You are expected to
draw primarily from the course readings but going beyond them is certainly welcomed
when appropriate (though not required). The key to the essay is the strength of your
argument in answering the question at hand. Focus on the argument’s clarity, your use
of evidence, and your demonstrated knowledge of IPE.
You are welcome to send the instructor a 1-page outline of their final paper, which is
designed to ensure that their research is on track and to ensure that students receive
helpful feedback at an early stage. This outline, which is usually in point form, sets
out the topic the student wishes to write about, a basic outline of their argument, as
well as a list of sources/bibliography. This is not a requirement of the course but you
may find it helpful. If you are planning on sending an outline, please do so at least a
week before the due date.

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