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How the scooped risk management and/or prevention guidance will assist agriculture people to manage the OHS issues in their environment

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Agriculture student

Meg McCosker, is studying her first year in Agriculture degree. In Meg’s work field she said there are many OHS risks which are varied within this industry. Employees within this field work long hours and are at risk to sun exposure, noise and illness associated with chemical use. Tractors and power-driven machinery is another major cause for injuries and even death whilst in this work environment. As an OHS student I think to ensure all the workers safety they should correctly follow the safety operation procedures, deeply understand OHS legislation is an essential thing for both the employee and employer to insure their well-being. Employers also need to take responsibility in providing a safe workplace for other personnel who work within the Agriculture field.
Mission1: review Agriculture students in relation to her work and/or recreational activities.
Mission 2:Focus in on Agriculture industry that you think is you are particularly interesting and they will become the main character for this quest (your damsel or bachelor [Knight in training]!
Mission 3:Search the internet to source risk management and prevention guidance material (from reliable sources) to assist your person of interest.
Mission 4: Scoop at least 5 articles (or links) into your topic and add your insight as to how the scooped risk management and/or prevention guidance will assist them to manage the OHS issues in their environment. Make sure you write enough to get good marks!
Notes to writer:• Please search all the sources from Scoop. Com and attached with web address.
• Each insight need wirte 250 words. Total 5 insight.
• reference Harvard

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