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HR Function

The final HR Function document should consist of the following:

Title page (must include date, course title, student’s name and title of document).
Organization profile (information from assignments in weeks 2 and 3).
Identify and provide context around a functional area (as listed in Figure 1-1) you plan to address within the organization and for which you will be presenting recommendations.
Present recommendations: Provide a thorough and professional report explaining how you would making changes to, or update, the functional area with your chosen organization. A demonstration of originality and critical thinking is expected. Reference HR processes from the textbook or other sources. Appropriately cite your sources, including the textbook.
The recommendations should be the result of researching online resources, books, journals, or direct communication with a member of the organization. Personal knowledge may be used, but it must not be the primary source. Appropriately cite your sources using APA.
Provide a summary of your final document as the conclusion. This conclusion should include a brief paragraph summarizing how your changes would benefit the organization’s HR processes.
Submit the project to the appropriate Dropbox as a Microsoft Word document and in essay/paragraph form. Required length of the document, including information from the first two steps of the assignment, is a minimum 1500 words, not including the title page or references page. Properly cite all sources using APA format.

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