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Human Resource Management

For this activity, you will provide an HR analysis of a sample employee development form. The goal of this activity is to help you better understand the employee development process.

Select one of the sample employee development forms provided in the links below.

Provide an HR analysis of the employee development form you selected. Support your analysis with course resources. Note: Two such supporting resources on career planning are provided below.

Determine if the sample employee will need assistance, mentorship, training, new responsibilities, or educational attainment.
Provide insight on how the sample employee might assist in succession planning for their former position as they advance.
Sample Employee Development Form, Option 1 Download Sample Employee Development Form, Option 1.
Sample Employee Development Form, Option 2 Download Sample Employee Development Form, Option 2.
You may also wish to reference the following additional resources:

Developing Employee Career Paths and Ladders, which is located on the XanEdu page under the Course Information module.
Duke University: Professional Development PlanLinks to an external site..

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