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Human Resource Management Case

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Writing the reflection (1,800-2,000 words) of case study of the case that I provide to you. (The case of Nokia). The analysis needs to be built to answer the 4 questions below:

  • Q1. What are the core strategic issues faced by the organisation?

For answering Question 1, you need to follow the steps of:

  • You can conduct a SWOT and PEST analyses and use your findings to inform you of the core/key strategies issues. The SWOT and or PEST can then be attached as an Appendix (which is not subjected to word count)
  • What insights can you obtain about the organisation?
  • What are the issues for the organisation’s external and internal stakeholders?
  • Q2. What external strategies should the organisation adopt?

How to answer question 2:

  • External strategies/Internal changes/ human resource management & industrial relations implications
  • Use Steps 3, 4 & 5 of the above guideline as a framework for recommending the internal changes and external strategies and people management implications.
  • These questions test your understanding of formulating and implementing strategies to address the core issues as identified in the first question.
  • Q3. What internal changes are required to implement these external strategies?
  • Q4. What are the human resource management implications of the external and internal changes?

How to answer question 3 & 4:

  • Q 3 and Q4 focus on the changes to internal structures and the people management implications in addressing the core issues.
  • For example, the expectation is to see if you can link the issues identified in Part 1 with an external strategy, therefore requiring an internal change which will result in a change in human resource management or industrial relations strategy or practice.

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