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Human Rights

This order is for work to be done for ch1 & 2, but the “ReqOutline” listed all 5 chapters that will be done for the next subsequent orders for the one selected, more $$$ to be made. This study is to address/answers RQ1 & R2 and see if HR can impact change in Kampuchea. Use “ReqOutline” as a template for ch1 (15pg required) & ch2 (40-50 required) and all the “ReqSuppl1 & 2” must be incorporated into the new finish write-up. Please incorporate the material listed in “Req Suppl1 & 2” and also include the “different layers of onion” that pertain to Kampuchea.

RQ1: Is it possible to enhance the bargaining range of options to advance human rights in Kampuchea?
RQ2: What is the bargaining range of human rights possibilities for authoritarian regimes?

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