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Humanity Formulation of the Categorical Imperative and the Greatest Happiness Principle

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Use both the Humanity Formulation of the Categorical Imperative and the Greatest Happiness Principle to determine how and what Nadzeya should do in this situation. Defend your answers in a manner that shows sensitivity to the theories of Kant and Mill.


Nadya has recently found herself in the middle of an unpleasant situation. Last year, she introduced two of her friends, Stephan and Xavi, at a dinner party thinking that they had a lot in common. The two became relatively close friends over the months that followed. Unfortunately, their friendship took a turn for the worse when Stephan inexplicably began to make hurtful comments regarding Xavi’s ethnicity. At first, Xavi tolerated these comments, which were usually packaged as jokes. However, eventually, Xavi confronted Stephan and asked him to refrain from saying such things and providing him reasons why such speech was harmful to not only him, but also those who share his ethnic background. Rather than relenting, Stephen only stepped up his verbal assaults. Over time, the comments stopped being distasteful jokes and began to take more of a venomous, aggressive, and almost threatening tone. Xavi became afraid to confront Stephan again or cut ties with him for fear of what Stephan might do to him emotionally and physically. The situation exacerbated issues Xavi had with severe depression.

There are several other issues that complicate the matter. Stephen and Xavi both work at the same IT office and they even live in the same apartment building. This means they see each other all of the time and very little can be done to prevent them coming into contact with one another, unless one of the two were to give up his home and livelihood. Xavi recently brought the situation to Nadya’s attention in hopes that she could figure what can be done on her end, since she’s a friend with both parties for many years. Hearing about Stephan’s ethnocentrism and aggressiveness toward anyone, much less Xavi, was a shock to Nadya. This is a part of Stephen that she had never experienced. What she does know is that Stephan has been under a lot of pressure lately at work. Furthermore, Stephan told her just a few weeks ago that he and his spouse are having marital issues and that his wife had threatened to take their kids and leave him. Bringing up the situation with Xavi could add more stress to his life. Regardless, Stephen is victimizing Xavi both at work and outside of work. Nadya wonders what she should do to help rectify this situation. Whatever she does has the potential to negatively impact both Stephan and Xavi.

To get a passing grade on this test, you will need to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the these theorists’ work.
For this test, you must cite the readings.

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